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Website - CAvotes.org, LWVC Education Fund

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Great for #Drupal MT @FourKitchens The White House's online petitions system goes open source http://t.co/pbFLCUEg http://t.co/AKdZTVbc
4 years 25 weeks ago

What are we up to now?

The SunRain team has expanded to include Diana Jeong (an amazing photographer who is also very adept with social media) and Danny Kordab (our go-to server guy)! We welcome them on board.

Meanwhile, we are busily working with a couple of great clients at the moment, and so haven't had as much time to update our own site. More soon!

Choosing Web Hosts -- Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting

The two most common web hosting methods for many small business owners are shared hosting and VPS hosting. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed in this article.  Read more »

Social Media Wants to Help You

Hello I am Diana and I am a Social Media Queen.

If you are new to social media or if you would like to improve your social media skills, I have some ideas that will work for you.  Read more »

Where Credit is Due: Options for using Intellectual Property

We've all done it: used that cool font on our friend's computer to create our local bake-sale brochure, "borrowed" that beautiful photograph someone posted on their blog for our "save the date" invitation, or perhaps even more shocking, "quoted" an extensive amount of text from someone else's blog without properly linking back to them.

Unfortunately, these actions are, technically, stealing, unless done under the proper circumstances.  Read more »

Slides for DCC Views Demystified Presentation

Thank you to those who attended my Views Demystified presentation at DrupalCon Chicago 2011.

For those looking for the slides from the presentation, they are attached below.

The 2 hour video from DrupalCampLA 2009 can be found here:  Read more »

A review of "Theming Drupal: A First Timer's Guide"

Emma Jane Hogbin's "Theming Drupal: A First Timer's Guide" is crystal clear, and a great introduction to anyone who is thinking about creating their own theme.  Read more »

CAvotes.org is live

Just launched www.CAvotes.org, a project we've been working on with the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund. The site is a drupal site and makes use of a lot of fantastic contributed modules, including the bread-and-butter Views, Workflow, Flag and Content Lock modules.  Read more »

DrupalCon San Francisco Session Voting Now Open

DrupalCon SF 2010 session voting is open, and SunRain Productions has three proposals available:  Read more »

Whitehouse.gov launches on Drupal!

www.whitehouse.gov has re-launched using the Drupal framework, and it's making national news!


SunRain looks forward to seeing what happens next with the Obama administration's online activities. Information is power, and Drupal is a powerful platform for delivering information.

Drupalchix Conversation from DrupalCampLA

Last weekend I participated actively in DrupalCampLA and had the pleasure of co-organizing the Drupalchix track with a really cool colleague from the LA Drupal User Group, Nicole Bluto.  Read more »

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